"Oh, good scholar,/I say to myself,/how can you help/but grow wise/with such teachings/as these-/the untrimmable light/of the world,/the ocean's shine,/the prayers that are made/out of grass?" - Mary Oliver

Friday, May 21, 2010

on the verge of sweet, sweet dreams

Well holy CRAPOLA I am tired. Every muscle in my lower body is aching from bending over all day over plants, weeds, and rows of mulch. The day felt like it was about 1984927492 hours long, BUT: we got the entire upper garden mulched (FINALLY!!- this is a major success, as I have been weeding all week long), peppers planted, cucumbers planted, organic insecticide sprayed (to help address our squash pest issues), and the day planned out for tomorrow. The long work day was followed by a delightful evening with Eliza and her partner Margaret. We ate goat burgers (produced at the farm!), our squash (sauteed), and a salad made of my co-worker Leland's homegrown lettuce. Followed by cookies and strawberry smoothies.... mmmmmmm. :)

I'm feeling really happy, and satisfied with the efforts that I put into work today. Earlier in the morning, I was feeling pretty discouraged about the amount of work we still had left in the gardens. But, just as it happens so frequently around here, the afternoon was a whole different story - all hands on board in the garden, and all tasks completed!

I love it here, I must say - even on these endless summer days.

p.s.- Today I created an awesome surprise plan that I will reveal at a later date. teehehe.

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